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The biographer visited the author's three homes and researched at the Elizabeth Robins Papers, NYU

Elizabeth Robins 1862-1952: Actress, Novelist, Feminist

Jacket Cover, Elizabeth Robins

Drawing from many unpublished sources, especially Robins' diaries and letters housed in the Fales Collection, New York University, the public and the private Elizabeth Robins emerges as a complex women, driven by family loyalty and a drive to improve the fortunes of her father's generation. She labeled herself "I was born in the superlative" in a letter justifying her pursuit of acting as a profession. Yet when she faced disappointments, she pivoted to authorship, at first publishing anonymously and under a pseudonym.

Selected Works

Books on Elizabeth Robins
Publishing in journals and with academic presses.
Contains a chronology of Robins' life.
Elizabeth Robins' play Votes for Women is the contribution from Britain to this international anthology.
Shakespeare Publications
Early Modern Literary Studies
Edward III, Two Noble Kinsmen, and Double Falsehood
Published in Comstock Review

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