Joanne Gates

Review of three plays to complete the canon

Maypole scene in The Two Noble Kinsmen. Nicholas Faircloth (Gerrold), Amee Vyas (Jailer's Daughter), Paul Hester (Bavian). Photo: Scott King

These performances at Alabama Shakespeare Tavern marked the company's completion of the performance of the complete canon of Shakespeare's 39 plays (plus the contended Double Falsehood). They also mark this reviewer's completion of her personal canon (seeing at least one performance of every play, albeit not all at the Tavern). Other photos by Scott King and Jeff Watkins accompany the review at Early Modern Literary Studies.

Selected Works

Books on Elizabeth Robins
Publishing in journals and with academic presses.
Contains a chronology of Robins' life.
Elizabeth Robins' play Votes for Women is the contribution from Britain to this international anthology.
Shakespeare Publications
Early Modern Literary Studies
Edward III, Two Noble Kinsmen, and Double Falsehood
Published in Comstock Review

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