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Dropped Stitches and Dotted Dots: Writer's Blog by Joanne E. Gates

Stitches in a Critical Time: Revisiting an Early Publication on Elizabeth Robins

Today, August 6, 2018, is the 156th birthday of Elizabeth Robins! More than any other writing project, she defines my writing and academic life. Now, with the paperback edition of her biography forthcoming, I want to renew some unfinished or under circulated projects. I plan to explore the possibility of fictionalizing the life of Robins, as well as collecting my academic presentations into a volume. At the same time, there will be other topics and projects that find their way here. I will be explaining the richer context of stitching and the "dotted dot" (from a poem by Emily Dickinson) as metaphors for women who write. In my early years, I did not participate fully in the sewing groups that are primarily matrilineal. Perhaps I am making up for that with my passion for photographing quilts, even using the internet to teach myself knitting. Here is an early recognition of Robins as writer and activist. Read More