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Presentations on Elizabeth Robins

Guest Interview for the Premiere Episode of Elizabeth Robins Diary Podcast. 2023. https://www.erdiary.com/episodes/001


SAMLA presentation. "Scandals of Justice Delayed: Revisiting Elizabeth Robins' Chronicles of Women's Suffrage Advocacy in the Time of Trump." For the virtual conference, November 2020.


SAMLA Conference, "Elizabeth Robins portrays Working Women in Suffragette Literature: A Reflection through the Lens of the 2015 film, Suffragette," South Atlantic Modern Language Association, Birmingham AL. (November 2, 2018). Posted at JSU's Digital Commons, https://digitalcommons.jsu.edu/fac_pres/21/


SAMLA Conference, "Undressing Undine Spragg: In Camilla, Elizabeth Robins Re-writes the Trans-Atlantic Divorcée as a Feminist Who Renounces a Second Marriage Proposal." South Atlantic Modern Language Association, Sheraton Hotel and Convention Center, Durham NC. (November 14, 2015). Edith Wharton International Society Forum. Retitled for posting at JSU's Digital Commons, https://digitalcommons.jsu.edu/fac_pres/16/



The First Actresses: 1660s to 1930s Symposium, "First Hedda, First Hilda and 'Hilda harnessed to a purpose:' Elizabeth Robins, Ibsen, and Women's Suffrage," Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. (May 23, 2014).


18th-19th British Women Writers Association, "Anonymity as a Bridge from Actress to Author: The Case of Elizabeth Robins," 18th-19th British Women Writers Conference, College Station TX. (April 8, 2010). Text of presentation at Jacksonville State's Digital Commons, https://digitalcommons.jsu.edu/fac_pres/20/


PCAS/ACAS Conference, "Re-visiting the Anti-White-Slavery Novel in the Age of Amber Alerts: Elizabeth Robins' My Little Sister"," Popular / American Culture of the South (PCAS/ACAS), Atlantic Beach FL. (October 2003). A co-presenter at this panel was student Donna Campbell, with her paper on the Elizabeth Robins novel, Time is Whispering.


Elizabeth Robins Day, Pioneer and Historical Society of Muskingum County and the John McIntire Public Library, "The Open Question: Remarks on the Centennial of Its Publication," Pioneer and Historical Society of Muskingum County and the John McIntire Public Library, Zanesville, Ohio. (September 27, 1998).


Gates, Joanne E. (Author), and Gabin, Jane. S. (Author & Presenter), ITFR Congress, 1998, "Elizabeth Robins and the English Stage: Five Decades of Testing the Limits," International Theatre Research Federation, Cambridge, England. (July 1998).


Weekly Reader Radio Interview: Joanne E. Gates Discusses Elizabeth Robins with Suzanne Bunkers. Original Audio from 1996. Enhanced with visuals and inclusive of transcript, https://digitalcommons.jsu.edu/fac_pres/22/



Presentations, exclusive of Elizabeth Robins




SAMLA Conference, "ALT Wars of the Roses: A Guide to the Women in Shakespeare's First Tetralogy for Fans of Philippa Gregory's White Queen Series," South Atlantic Modern Language Association, Atlanta. (November 5, 2017). A version of this was presented to combined Shakespeare classes the following week. Now archived at JSU Library's Digital Commons, https://digitalcommons.jsu.edu/fac_pres/5/.


PCAS / ACAS Conference, "Shakespeare as Opera in English, Britten's Dream and Adès' The Tempest," Popular / American Culture Association of the South, New Orleans LA. (October 3, 2014). Now archived at JSU Library's Digital Commons, https://digitalcommons.jsu.edu/fac_pres/15/.


PCAS / ACAS Conference, "Teaching the Structure of Hamlet: The 'To Be or Not to Be' Soliloquy Repositioned in Recent Film Adaptations," Popular Culture Association of the South / American Culture Association of the South, Savannah GA. (October 8, 2010). Now archived at JSU Library's Digital Commons, https://digitalcommons.jsu.edu/fac_pres/11/.